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Miami Open

Miami Tennis Open (B2C/ B2B)

How do you convey a tennis tournament as a lifestyle event?

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Djokovic and Williams fans didn’t need to be coerced to attend the world’s 5th largest tennis tournament. On the other hand, Miami locals with a mild interest in tennis were a huge untapped market that could significantly boost the event’s attendance. In collaboration with IMG I created content highlighting high end experiences such as the Moet and Chandon lounge and the interactive Kids lounge. Overall, the tournament set one attendance record (session 13) and recorded 5 sellouts (sessions 5, 7, 9, 13, 24).

Behind the Scenes at the Miami Open

The Miami Open has been a staple in the tennis community since 1985. Over 300,000 visitors attend the tournament every year, making it the largest tennis tournament outside the four majors. Somewhere between the crowd’s energy to the tournaments tradition, players have begun to feel at home at The Miami Open. Here are some fun facts shared by your favorite players during some behind the scene interviews at The Miami Open

Ready for Your Moët Moment?

A glass of champagne is today’s symbol of luxury and class. There’s no better place to relax at The Miami Open than at the Moët & Chandon Champagne and Sushi Lounge. No matter how hot things get on the court you can always count on chilled champagne and fresh sushi provided by Sushi Maki at the Moët & Chandon Lounge. Take a seat in the lounge and enjoy top of the line table and food service. Careful, you’ll have so much fun you may miss the first set of the match you came to watch!

Miami Open Lacoste Collection

Tennis champion René Lacoste went against the traditional on-court fashions and opted to compete in short-sleeved knit shirts rather than stiff dress shirts. Fast forward 83 years and you have the global brand that we know as Lacoste. The high-end fashion house became an official Miami Open partner in 2015 and continues Miami’s celebration of tennis this year.