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Sticker Disco


Sticker Disco (B2C)

How do you align a sticker pop-up shop with a high-profile art fair?

Pop-up Concept + PR + Digital Marketing

When Waowig Studio, a Miami-based concept store and gallery, wanted to activate their space during Art Basel Miami Beach I stepped in to curate and market a pop-up shop. Thus, Sticker Disco was born.

The Miami New Times referred to it as “your dream sticker cabinet, art gallery, and Barney’s jewelry counter, all rolled up into one.” By pairing art work, stickers, and cultural programming we were able to elevate the entire experience to suit the tone of Art Basel Miami Beach. The pop-up was home to stickers, stationery, luxury handbags by Mercedes Salazar, and a candle and scents collection from an atelier French parfumerie.

First, thousands of stickers were sourced from Japan, LA, and NY. Then, an insanely funky Disco playlist was created to bring life to the pop-ups 30 disco balls and to be used throughout the social media campaign. Finally, we collaborated with local artists to make limited edition stickers of their artwork and hosted events for the public to experience all the magic.


  1. Grand Opening Disco party

  2. Kelly Breez x Sticker Disco “My Funky Ones” exhibition and sticker party

  3. Fashion capsule release Sal-las x Clan of Kro

Miami New Times Article