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Swim Week EVent


The Bikini Bizarre

The Standard's garden will transform into an intimate bikini bizarre. Each swimwear brand will be assigned a color scheme that will be complemented by a hand crafted drink created by a mixologist. For example, Acacia will be assigned the color blue and their signature drink will be made of blueberries and called the “Pre-Monday”. The Standard Spa will have a presence at the bizarre and will feature products for bikini enthusiasts (sun screens and after-sun moisturizers). This can later be marketed as a "bikini package" at the spa 'as featured in 2016 Miami Swim Week.

Anyone who purchases a product will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a One Night Stand package that includes a bikini friendly spa treatment & products. 

Brands such as Acacia, Montce Swim, Nada Swim, and Del Mar will be invited to participate in the bizarre.

Influencer Dinner 

Alex Mitow- Founder of Superfine Design, Alex is dedicated to creating events for up and coming artists and reminds people you don’t have to be a millionaire to purchase art. As a former restaurant owner in NY, he infuses gastronomy into his events.

David Sinopoli- The founder of III Points Festival, David curates a full sensory experience of music and art for Wynwood’s annual music festival.

Jana Rose Carrero- A fashion stylist and editorial queen who focuses on evoking a sense of escapism and wonder. (OJ and Cigs)

Jennifer Pansa- The creator of Ansa yoga, Jennifer hosts experiential yoga events, a collaboration between her and an influencer could create a unique repertoire for events.

Isabella Acker & Pola Bunster- Founders of Prism Music Group, Isabella and Pola are responsible for events such as the Miami Soul Train, The Miami Flea, and rooftop sessions with Grammy artists.

Summer Menu Promotion

Dynamic content will be featured on various digital platforms highlighting new dishes from the summer menu through stop motion animation. Video is king of content in today’s saturated social media feeds. Our promotion would start with an empty plate, followed by introducing the fresh ingredients, and finish with a final plated meal. The brief 15 second videos will autoplay on facebook and in member newsletters. The insight behind this idea is that people engage with imagery of food when it is displayed in an interesting format. Most people watch videos on mute, so subtitles would be included that highlight the ingredients.

Room Promotion: GIRLS JUST WANNA


Round up your girlfriends for a weekend retreat. This two night package includes a “Girl Power” happy hour, a makeup or hair makeover by Glamsquad, and discounts on spa treatments.

The special can be promoted during summer and then used throughout the year to target bachelorette parties. If the promotion is successful at the Miami location it can be mimicked at the NY and LA locations as Glamsquad already has a presence in those markets.